Lanes & Lodges

In three separate lodges we offer a total of eight (two times two and once four) lanes for your exclusive bowling event!

Whether with friends, family or the company - look forward to hilarious hours in our bowling lodges.

All lodges offer an exclusive environment for a unique bowling experience and are equipped with large screens! The small lodge offers space for 12, the big lodge for 14 persons. If both boxes are used together, up to 30 people can be seated. The "open lodge" (from 01.11.22) includes an exclusively used area of the bar and can accommodate a total of up to 45 people (max. 24 players)!

IMPORTANT: In any case, the maximum number of 6 players per lane also applies here!

You can find the prices HERE

If both lanes are booked for at least 3 hours, we offer a catering service in the small and the big lodge!

Our catering partners are:

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Da Marcello SchleswigRolf Hansen TolkStrandleben Schleswig